Lake Whitney Winners

I don't even have the words to say how much this win meant to me, and I thank God for every single moment of it. A SOLO THSBA win is something I have only dreamt about and what people said that I couldn't do.

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This was my last regular THSBA tournament going to fish for Stephen F Austin next year so I knew a month before the tournament that if I wanted this I was going to have to work for it. I prefished Whitney probably 5 or 6 different days before the tournament grinding and pinpointing what it was I was going to do, and I found two major patterns. ONE was incredible throwing a blue fleck power  in 8-30 foot of water on NORTH submerged rocky points and SECOND was throwing a green gizzard strike king 1.5 squarebill.

Starting out the day it was pretty slow catching 1 keeper about 15 inches on the 1/2 ounce t-rig power worm deal then I went a pretty long time without I bite so I started shallow cranking picking up a 4lber, I cranked a little while longer then decided to head down south thinking that the north end had been thrown off by the weather or something. I stopped at the bridge to crank and nothing. I took a glance over on the concrete pilings and looked down at my drop shot and ned rig and thought "Concrete holds heat" threw my bright plum zoom worm on a TRD ned rig jig head and caught a 15 incher on the first cast. I thought I had a pattern but no other fish wanted the ned rig. I proceeded with the plan and continued south looking at the clear water and my previous experiences my confidence dropped but I still tried it for at least an hour.

With 3 hours left and 3 keepers for probably 7 lbs I knew what I had to do. My north spot that I caught them all prefish that failed me in the morning... I had to finish there. I knew if I had 3 hours in the afternoon (the afternoon is when my spot turned on the most) I could catch 2 more keepers for my solo limit!! So I headed back, driving from down south to the north end which was like a 8-9 mile run. Fishing the left point on my magical cut produced nothing then I looked back on the point where I caught 15lbs 2 days in a row in practice... A boat was on it, these were the same and friendly people that have been sharing this area with me for prefish and the tournament day. They were really cool awesome guys and we talked the day before in a RANGER FISH AND SKI like grey with a dark red stripe. They had some really good keepers as well. DM me on insta @Cal_Fishin if this was you because I want to talk about what went down and both of our experiences with this spot! I wanted to fish that area so badly but I was going to wait until they left... They cranked their engine and left the magical holy area our team called "goose nihh island" lol. If that boat DIDNT LEAVE I probably wouldn't have won.

I pulled up with my blue fleck power worm on the main lake side and caught a 14.5 incher putting me at 4 keepers. THEN next cast I waited till it hit the bottom in 30 FOOT OF WATER, dragged 3 or 4 times with an occasional pop off the bottom and I felt a light tick similar to the bite of the 15 incher... I reeled down said "get the net" to my dad and stuck into what felt like a BEAST. I couldn't move her much but knowing that there were submerged trees + rock under the surface I KNEW I couldn't play around with her. with 17lb flouro I started horsing her near the boat. SHE LEAPED I couldn't believe my eyes and she had soooo much energy in her. in just a few moments we got her to the net and I immediately thought "thats an 8lber". (it was 6.99)  AND she was POST SPAWN... Her bloody tail astonished me like... It's beginning of March, I guess these fish are so confused with our weather she must have came up to spawn on on of the prefish days when it was 75 and sunny. Thanking God everything I put her in the well next to the 4 lber I caught earlier and made it to weigh in.

It was a great day that was only made possible by GOD, my parents and family, my drive to succeed in this industry, and my sponsors River2Sea and Fitzgerald Rods.


The Team of Calan Cameron - Justin Murray from Coppell fished solo by Calan. Ended the day with 15.29, 6.99 kicker fish to take the win. 

It is the goal of the Texas High School Bass Association to provide a venue where high school students have the opportunity to compete in organized tournaments while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student anglers to excel in the class room and on the lake.