Metroplex Division Lake Lewisville Winner 9-28-19

Went into the morning knowing we had to capitalize on the morning bite, we found in practice that our bite almost died after about 8:00. When we got to that lake Saturday morning we were planning on fishing spot where we caught them really good in practice, but another team was on the spot so we went to the other side of the bridge to start. We caught our first keeper at 6:51 and filled out our limit by 7:14 consisting of our five pound kicker. We hammered that stretch of rock for the next  four hours slow culling up our bag. Once we fished the rock awhile more and didn't catch anything we decided to go into the cove right next to where we were fishing, at this time we had around 15 pounds and were looking to cull again. We found a patch of trees that had about 2 feet of water on then and we flipped those for awhile before we pulled out a 3.98 from the middle of the nasty stuff. We culled a few more time that afternoon just fishing the bank in that one cove. We finished the day with 16.69 pound limit with a 5.59 pound kicker.

Me and jake would first off like to thank my dad for giving us his time and taking us fishing almost every weekend, and being an exceptional net man/fishing caddie. Next we want to thank the rest of the allen fishing team for being great teammates and sacking up four other places in the top 20. Also jason anderson for being the best coach to ever live. Last but not least Matt Tonaly (Allen alumni)  for all he does.

If you would like to watch our toument video check out Back_To_Bassin on youtube. And Subscribe!! 


Jack Duncan - Jake Inderman from Allen weight in 16.69 For the win, with big bass of 5.59.

It is the goal of the Texas High School Bass Association to provide a venue where high school students have the opportunity to compete in organized tournaments while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student anglers to excel in the class room and on the lake.