All Memberships, Boat Captain, Observer paperwork will be completed on the THSBA APP. This can be downloaded to any device. Just search THSBA in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

Any new schools or clubs that have not been registered with the THSBA before. Please use the contact us tab and send your school name and address over. This way we can add your school to the THSBA APP.

All payment that are mailed into the THSBA will need the Payment Document sent in with them. This will be for all membership and entry payments. That are not done online by Credit Card. No payment details are changing. All memberships or tournaments can be paid in one check. 

Payment Document PDF Click Here. 

THSBA APP Details 

The app will walk you through the steps to sign up. Complete all the steps and payment. Once that is all completed you are signed up with the Thsba. Everyone involved will need to have their own profile set up. Admin can still pay for everyone at one time. They will be able to access more with their profile log in. 

High School Admin – Adviser
Angler – All Students
Boat Captain – All Captains
Fan – All parents

SafeSport URL Details 

Those of you that have taken it last season, simply search your inbox for “Abuse Prevention”. That should have your information. Simply copy the URL in blue and paste it in the section in the app. It should work. 

Those taking it for the first time will receive an email from Sports Engine that will have your URL. Simply copy and paste to the app.


Any issues please reach out to support at support@thsba.net.


It is the goal of the Texas High School Bass Association to provide a venue where high school students have the opportunity to compete in organized tournaments while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student anglers to excel in the class room and on the lake.